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Wrapping up Seeds to STEM for the 2014-2015 School Year!

As the school year wraps up, the Seeds to STEM and Design team is in the final stage of their preparation for Citizen Schools. The team finished the final draft […]

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Finalizing the Congressional Logos

Ever since their final sketches were approved a few weeks ago, Karen, Paroma, and Katie have been working on creating their final 3D representations of the congressional logo for Congressman […]

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Catching Up to the End of the Year

After our insightful meeting with Spencer and Ann, the team has been hard at work, designing and modifying the upcoming pages for the website. Pieces and storyboards have been prepared […]

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Presentation to the Netherlands Dignitaries

This past Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to present to a committee of dignitaries from the Netherlands. The committee included Mr. Sander Dekker, Ms. Christianne […]

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The Mural

For the past few weeks, the majors have been working on creating a mural in the hallway outside the design room. The mural consists of a large black grid that […]


White House Science Fair 2014

Being at the White House and heard by all these brilliant people really gave me faith our invention could go out to the real world. I think this type of […]

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Curriculum Progress

Since we have begun, Seeds to STEM & Design has added freshmen Isabella and Carlos to the team! With the help of Ashley, Alex, Bradley, and Liran, the two have […]

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Three Final Logos

Based on the feedback we received from Congressman Kennedy about our logo sketches, we decided as a class to finalize three concepts. We then provided Congressman Kennedy with the final […]

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Cambridge Science Festival

Final photo courtesy of Steve Lipofsky (Cambridge Science Festival). On the Saturday before April break, our team was given the opportunity to represent the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam program at the Cambridge […]

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Team Training

In spite of a few hiccups with dysfunctional Arduinos, Ashley, Bradley, Alex, and Liran finally finished putting together the full system! Even though they ran into a few issues, the […]