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Teaming Up!

In December of 2019 Mrs. Brooks had design students brainstorm questions about the Main Street Project. We inquired about everything, the tigers, the tree, and even the display case. We […]

Group Formation

Engineering Meeting: BigBelly Solar

Engineering Meeting: David Skocypec

Last Wednesday, the team met after school with the lead electrical engineer from BigBelly Solar, David Skocypec. BigBelly Solar is a local company that works primarily in the creation of […]

Engineering Meeting: Divide and Conquer

Engineering Meeting: Antonio Rufo and Marianne Walpert

On January 8th, we had an engineering meeting with Antonio. He helped us work with some small parts, such as speakers, taught us how to code on Arduino, and how […]

Engineering Meeting: Kyle Henry and Antonio Rufo

On December 19, we held an engineering meeting with two of our mentors, Kyle Henry and Antonio Rufo. Kyle is an engineer for General Electrics (GE) and a Lemelson-MIT alumni […]

Engineering Meeting: Basic Arduino Coding

One of my favorite parts of this project is the team spirit, the camaraderie between the team members.  When we first started this project, many of us did not know […]

Engineering Meeting: Getting Started With Arduino

We held a very successful engineering meeting after school on December 7th, 2012. We started the meeting by compiling a list of questions to ask our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Master Mentor, […]

First Engineering Meeting

On November 30th 2012, after receiving the electrical components in the mail, we held our first engineering meeting afterschool. We opened packages of photocells, Radio Frequency (RF) receivers and transmitters, lasers, […]