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Pep Talks from Mr. Turner

On September 28th, Major 3 students presented the Main Street Project to the two Major 2 classes. This was the first time that the Major 2 students were given info […]

New Year, New Teams

Teamwork is an incredibly important aspect in group projects. Majors 2 and 3 read an article called “How to be a Team Player.” In doing so, the class learned how […]

Our Cultural Patterns

We wanted our mural to be a unifying piece of art, so we decided to incorporate many different cultural patterns into it. We looked at patterns from every country in […]


We left for the summer knowing that we had a solid working layout of the project to start the new production process. This gave us a great start to pick […]

Dear Class of 2018

Dear Class of 2018, What an amazing year we had with you guys! You were a fun bunch. The leadership and energy that you all brought to the class was […]