Engineering Meeting: Basic Arduino Coding

One of my favorite parts of this project is the team spirit, the camaraderie between the team members.  When we first started this project, many of us did not know each other very well.

The invention changed that by bringing the entire team together and helping us get to know one another.  As we move further along with this project, these bonds will only strengthen.

An important part of teamwork is learning from each other. Each team member has individual strengths he or she contributes towards helping the team understand each different component of the invention process.

For example, during our last engineering meeting, our technical lead Felege taught the rest of the team basic Arduino commands.  Everybody had a chance to participate, learn from one another, and have a great time!

During the meeting, Career and Vocational Technical Education Director Diana Robbins came to visit to see what we were working on and to encourage us.


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