Catching Up to the End of the Year

After our insightful meeting with Spencer and Ann, the team has been hard at work, designing and modifying the upcoming pages for the website. Pieces and storyboards have been prepared for the games, and narrations have been typed for each of the pages.

Today, Major 3 met with Spencer and Ann, three months after our initial meeting. Instead of presenting rough sketches and storyboards, we presented colorful digital files. Each team presented their files and walked Spencer and Ann through each section, explaining the vision they had for the site. The shipwreck section even shared comical voice-overs for a little video they wanted to include for their page. Spencer and Ann were impressed and gave us plenty of positive feedback, expressing their excitement for the site to come. Our next step is to modify and adjust the files to the feedback given by Spencer and Ann. Soon we will finalize the files to be sent over!

As we wrap up the Legal Sea Foods Kids’ site, we are starting to work on our legacy project. This year, the seniors plan to leave two murals in the hallway that leads to the Design classroom. The murals are based on the artwork of Pieter Cornelis “Piet” Mondriaan, who revolutionized style of gridlines with colored squares. The class found the design of his artwork to be a fitting way to express the spirit of design and a great way to leave a legacy of the class of 2014.

To celebrate the end of the year, Legal Sea Foods sent over delicious food for us to eat to thank us for our hard work! We had fresh chowder, sandwiches and brownies and shared a great time!


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