Presentation to the Netherlands Dignitaries

This past Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to present to a committee of dignitaries from the Netherlands. The committee included Mr. Sander Dekker, Ms. Christianne Mattijessen, Mrs. Lia Vermeulen, Mr. Hein van Asseldonk, Mr. Jaap Versfelt, Mr. Kees Terdu, Mr. René Kneyber, Mr. Ronald van Bruggen, Mr. Bert Ouwens, Mr. Hans Balfoort, and Mr. Sander van Dam.

Karen talked about our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam experience and the opportunity she received over Memorial Day weekend to attend the White House Science Fair. Lauren discussed our team’s new goals with Citizen schools. Carter presented the Major 3 partnership with Legal Sea Foods and the creation of their Kids’ Website. Karen then spoke about the congressional logos she, Paroma, and Katie are creating.

The presentation went very well and we are so grateful we got the chance to share what our class is doing.


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