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Major One Get Together

Major one students attended a reverse field trip and were able to come into the school! They each shared their prototypes which they had been working very hard on. -ED

Fall Field Trip To the Aquarium 2019

This month, Design Major students went on a field trip to study design and the customer experience at the New England Aquarium and Time Out Food Market in Boston. We […]

Fall Field Trip on Public Art

To get some inspiration for our Main Street Project, we decided to go on a field trip to see all the different types of public art around Boston. First, we […]

Graffiti Alley and More

This year, the Design and Visual Communications students went on a field trip to Graffiti Alley and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. We went to these places due […]

Lego Land

Earlier this year, Major 1, Major 2 and Major 3 went on a field trip to Lego Land. We went there as a continuation in our study of branding. We […]

Newbury Street Field Trip

Our team of major 2 and 3 students got the chance to go to Newbury Street for a field trip! This was based upon our study of the Newbury Street […]

New Year, New Projects

Since we’ve returned for the 2014-2015 school year, we’ve jumped right into our new projects! This year, Major 3 is teaming up with New England Mobile Book Fair to rebrand […]


Our team was ecstatic when we took a field trip to the New England Aquarium.  The purpose of the trip was to immerse ourselves in the underwater world for inspiration […]

A Walk Through the Salvage Yard

This week, our team received the opportunity to take a field trip to the 187 Salvage Yard to gain inspiration for the Shipwreck section of our website. This gave us […]

It Was Fresh and It Was Legal

Last week, the team received the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Legal Sea Foods’ headquarters near Boston Harbor. We toured the building with Dr. David Ticchi, a Newton North faculty […]