A Walk Through the Salvage Yard

This week, our team received the opportunity to take a field trip to the 187 Salvage Yard to gain inspiration for the Shipwreck section of our website. This gave us information to use to for our eco-friendly theme.

Our journey began at “Charlie-land”, a section of the yard where cars were piled on top of each other, with only a few parts remaining intact. We then made our way to “Kenny-land”, the restricted area for customers only. In this section of the Salvage Yard, most of the cars were still intact with few parts taken out of them. We found out that people could come by, take out the parts they wanted from any car and buy them for a cheaper price than they would be on the market.

We learned a lot about the process of salvaging and recycling cars from this experience.  Throughout the tour, we were pointed towards the ways that the business does its best to be environmentally friendly.  They take precautions to make sure oils don’t seep into the ground by working above a concrete layer and creating a pit underneath that separates the oil.

On our way out, our team was able to witness a whole car getting crushed into a flat pile of plastic and metal. The car was completely razed to the ground!

Afterwards, we made our way to the New England Aquarium!


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