Meeting with the Mayor

On December 13, the Management Team and B-Team Liason had lunch with Mayor Setti Warren, Citizen Assistance Officer Aaron Goldman, Youth Services Director Jenny O’Leary, Newton North High School principal Jennifer Price, Career and Vocational Technical Education Director Diana Robbins, and Health and Human Services Commissioner Dori Zaleznik, which was hosted by the former principal of Newton North High School Jennifer Huntington.

While eating a fabulous meal in the Tiger’s Loft Bistro, they discussed the main points of the project and answered any questions the Mayor had about the invention.

Mayor Warren was extremely supportive and voiced several suggestions for the project. He commended the team’s efforts of inventing a solution to a real-life problem and even suggested its implementation in Massachusetts!


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  1. Jennifer Price says:

    You all did such a great job during this lunch. The Mayor and the City in general should be so proud of you. I am. Your principal (note the spelling :-).

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