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B-Team: Visit from Gupta Media

Gupta Media is an online media agency working primarily in the music industry. Our team is comprised of media buyers, designers and engineers. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable media […]

Educational Component Development

After five logos were chosen for presentation to our mentors, the B-Team members started working individually on the Educational Component Development Process sheet, which includes questions about how to reach […]

B-Team: Inspiration Boards

The B-Team worked on inspiration boards filled with aspects of Ethiopian art and culture in order to incorporate them into their logo designs and brands. People pasted inspiring quotes, colors, […]

B-Team: Brainstorming Invention Names

The B-Team divided into smaller groups in order to brainstorm possible updated names for the invention. Groups wrote down any words that came to mind when they thought about the […]

B-Team: Banner

After receiving our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam banner, the B-Team opened it slowly and carefully with excitement. —MC