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EurekaFest: Day 4

For the final day of the EurekaFest, the InvenTeams re-assembled into their original groups from the Wednesday balloon tower challenge. Each group received trash bags, PVC piping, zip ties, duct […]

EurekaFest: Day 3

Today, the team got the chance to tour to MIT campus. We visited the Wheels & Legs exhibit at the Jereome Lemelson Center of Innovation and took a guided tour […]

EurekaFest: Day 2

Winnie, Felege, and Karen presented our invention today for the other InvenTeams, L-MIT associates, and winners of the Collegiate Student Prize. The three of them did a wonderful job! Throughout […]

EurekaFest: Day 1

After arriving in the late afternoon, the team settled in then regrouped with the other EurekaFest guests for a picnic dinner. The guests were then divided into mixed teams for […]

Off to EurekaFest!

The team finally has everything packed and ready to go. We will update the blog every night starting tomorrow for the duration of the EurekaFest!

Getting Ready for EurekaFest

The team is putting the finishing touches on the invention and getting packed for EurekaFest. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Group Formation

Arduino Assembly at Saint Joseph School

We received an email from Deresse saying that our Ethiopian teammates at Saint Joseph School have now started working with the Arduinos! It read: “Our team has started assembling the […]

Instruction Booklet for Saint Joseph School

In May, we sent our teammates at Saint Joseph School an instructional packet explaining how to code and construct the Arduino portion of our invention. The manual has details for […]

Mentor visit to Saint Joseph School

One of our local Ethiopian mentors recently visited our teammates over at Saint Joseph School in Addis Ababa. We¬†sent with him the required components (including Arduinos) that our sister school […]