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A Visit from Congressman Kennedy

Last Thursday, the team received the amazing opportunity to present to Congressman Joe Kennedy. Congressman Kennedy has been visiting schools across the state of Massachusetts to survey the STEM programs […]

Colors and Type

Our team has moved forward from sketching to picking colors and typography for the website.  Each small team split into two groups: one working on color and the other on […]

Holiday Celebration

Our design family gained a few new members today…a Ping-Pong net and some paddles! With the snow piling up, it was getting harder to go outside and take breaks like […]


After splitting up for a week, our team missed each other!  At the start of our last class, we took 10 minutes to eat food and just hang out together […]

New Groups

Yesterday, we moved onto phase 3 of our project. The team broke up into smaller groups, each assigned a specific section of the website to focus on. The groups will […]

Inspiration Boards

After watching Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid and visiting the salvage yard and aquarium, each student created a board representing what had inspired them. Each student had a week […]