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New Mural Photos

With a new school year comes new mural photos! After students carefully and methodically chose and edited the best pictures for the mural, Coral replaced the old mural photos with […]

Major One Get Together

Major one students attended a reverse field trip and were able to come into the school! They each shared their prototypes which they had been working very hard on. -ED

Sanding the Tigers at Home

Now that the 3D tigers have been printed, students have been sanding them at home in their garages in order to get them as smooth and shiny as possible! Whenever […]

Getting It Done

Despite the challenges we have faced due to the coronavirus, we are making great progress on the Main Street project! Students have been working on creating shapes for the tigers, […]

All 3D Pieces Printed

After many modifications and edits made to the various 3D pieces, they have finally been printed! Thanks to our hardworking students and Big Rep, the tree and all 3 of […]