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It Was Fresh and It Was Legal

Last week, the team received the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Legal Sea Foods’ headquarters near Boston Harbor. We toured the building with Dr. David Ticchi, a Newton North faculty […]

EurekaFest 2013 Presentations

Last June, our team was one of four InvenTeams chosen to present at the Lemelson-MIT Program’s 2013 EurekaFest. The presentation detailed the problem we were tackling, the process we had […]

A New School Year, A New Project

Last spring, our team was contacted by Legal Sea Foods to revisit a project that the Design & Visual Communications students had worked on in 2007: the Legal Sea Foods […]

We’re back!

Since the school year of 2013 to 2014 has begun, we are back and ready to post again! For the past month, Kayla and I have been busy sorting through […]