Presentation to Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner recently visited the design team for an update on the Main Street Project. They gave him a presentation, which included an overview of the research done by current […]

The Tigers and Tree are Here!!!

The 3D-printed tigers and pieces of the tree for the Main Street Project just arrived! Everyone is taking special care to keep them clean and protect them from harm. -AL

Presentation to the Assistant Superintendent

Toby Romer, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education and Special Programs, Renee McCall, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, and Kathleen Duff, Director of Career and Technical Education visited all the […]

Touchscreen Progress

The designers had a meeting and shared their concepts for the touchscreen. Using each other’s feedback they refined their ideas. As a team the students were able to make great […]

Concept Sketches

After finishing their inspiration boards, the major two students moved on to making thumbnail sketches of touchscreen concepts. They included ideas for a homepage and for how the website architecture […]

Inspiration Boards

In preparation for the touchscreen that will go along with the Main Street Project, major two students made inspiration boards. They did research on grid, color theory, and well designed […]

Thanksgiving Party

The major two students decided to host a small party before Thanksgiving Break! Everyone brought in snacks and then played a game called Gartic Phone, which is similar to Pictionary. […]

A New Beginning

As the new school year starts, majors 1, 2 and 3 have begun familiarizing themselves with the Main Street Project. Current students have gone over what designers from previous years […]

Graduating Class Photo

The class of 2020 and 2021 have graduated and are on to do great things! Here is the class photo to remember them. We combined the two classes in this […]

Tiger 1 With Patterns

The patterns for tiger 1 are finally completed! Emily has printed, cut, and taped them temporarily onto the 3D model. They look great! – ED