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Feisworld Visits Design Majors 2 and 3

Recently, Fei Wu and her partner Adam Leffert visited the Major 2 and 3 classes to talk about their work and experiences in the design field. They also showed us […]

Mentor visit to Saint Joseph School

One of our local Ethiopian mentors recently visited our teammates over at Saint Joseph School in Addis Ababa. We sent with him the required components (including Arduinos) that our sister school […]

Engineering Meeting: BigBelly Solar

B-Team: Visit from Gupta Media

Gupta Media is an online media agency working primarily in the music industry. Our team is comprised of media buyers, designers and engineers. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable media […]

Engineering Meeting: David Skocypec

Last Wednesday, the team met after school with the lead electrical engineer from BigBelly Solar, David Skocypec. BigBelly Solar is a local company that works primarily in the creation of […]

Engineering Meeting: Antonio Rufo and Marianne Walpert

On January 8th, we had an engineering meeting with Antonio. He helped us work with some small parts, such as speakers, taught us how to code on Arduino, and how […]

Justin’s Visit from Lemelson-MIT

We were fortunate enough to have been visited on January 9th by Justin Lai, the Lemelson-MIT Invention Education Associate.  While he was here, we were all busy working on our […]

Engineering Meeting: Kyle Henry and Antonio Rufo

On December 19, we held an engineering meeting with two of our mentors, Kyle Henry and Antonio Rufo. Kyle is an engineer for General Electrics (GE) and a Lemelson-MIT alumni […]

Stu Schechter

Stu Schechter, artist and engineer from SandCart Studio, met with the A-Team to give an artistically inspiring presentation that demonstrated the value of combining engineering and design skills. Schechter utilizes […]

Helen Smith

Helen Smith serves as an editorial consultant for the team. She retired from the English department at Newton North in 2009, having advised the Newtonite since 1971. She is the executive director […]