Welcome Back To Design!

Summer is over and we are back! The design classroom has an important new member– a 3D printer! Provided to us by NVBots, the printer has been a great addition to the exploratory curriculum. Using a software program called 123D, students are designing and printing letters that reflect their personality and hobbies. The products so far have been amazing, and we are so excited to explore this technology further and integrate it into Major 3’s invention.

Major 1 is learning the basics of design, and spent time on color theory as well as typography. The students have been cutting out and organizing magazine fonts in preparation for a final project that will incorporate the principles they have been working with. The finished results will be displayed in the hall.

Major 2 has just finished studying the principles of photography and they are finally ready to move on to applying them into their own projects! They have wrapped up their planning along with thumbnail sketches that will soon be brought to life. After their photo projects are completed they will help Major 3 with their current project.

Major 3 will begin developing a project that bridges the gap between technology and fashion. The combination of fashion and technology is an untouched market that deserves recognition. Their invention will be able to heal the wounds between technology and fashion with the help of 3-D printing. Major 3 will be able to incorporate sounds, lights and visuals into clothing with their new 3-D printer from Nvbots. The clothing will be well qualified for a range of consumers including young adults and older.


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