Prototyping Phase Two

After meeting with the Ethiopian community, the team returned to the drawing board to refine our designs. We then created scaled models of the revised designs.

We used a 12inch builder’s Sonotube to simulate the concrete bases we added to our design. The Ethiopian community suggested we add the bases in order to prevent the system from damage by vehicles. Lauren, Kayla, and Adam painted the bases to simulate concrete.

We also used the builder’s Sonotube as stability reinforcement for the cylindrical prototype. The team’s next step is to cover the prototypes with foam core.

The revised measurements of the prototype were traced onto the foam core using templates created by Aris, a Drafting Department student. The templates allowed the team to make precise cuts into the foam core. The team also utilized a foam core V-Groove cutter, which allowed them to create angled cuts.

Meanwhile, Tyler continues to create more exterior designs for the prototypes. Michaela is researching what recycled parts can be used for the cylindrical prototype.


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  1. Mr. Murph says:

    I jumped from a link in an email from North PTSO to this article. I’d like to have an explanation that summarizes what the entire concept is–not just the base –it could be a link to another page or it could be summarized on this page.

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