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3D Printer

We have recently gotten a 3D printer from NVBots, a startup company from MIT. This printer is capable of making objects that can reach up to 8x8x8 inches in size! […]

Past Projects: Mirare

In 2012, the design students worked with SandCart Studios on a sculpture project designed for the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. The sculpture features two DC-3 airplanes composed of over […]

Past Projects: West Newton Cinema

In 2010, the Design team was given the chance to work with Continuum, an international design firm, to design a new brand identity for the West Newton Cinema (WNC). Over […]

Past Projects: The Can Mural

A hallway wall across from the Design room was left empty for three years after the new school was built. As design students, the team was presented with the task, […]

Past Projects: The Bottle Tree

In 2011, the Major 3 students created a tree sculpture out of recycled plastic bottles. The project was inspired by a similar project in Haifa, Israel. In 2010, the region […]

EurekaFest 2013 Presentations

Last June, our team was one of four InvenTeams chosen to present at the Lemelson-MIT Program’s 2013 EurekaFest. The presentation detailed the problem we were tackling, the process we had […]

EurekaFest: Day 4

For the final day of the EurekaFest, the InvenTeams re-assembled into their original groups from the Wednesday balloon tower challenge. Each group received trash bags, PVC piping, zip ties, duct […]

EurekaFest: Day 3

Today, the team got the chance to tour to MIT campus. We visited the Wheels & Legs exhibit at the Jereome Lemelson Center of Innovation and took a guided tour […]

EurekaFest: Day 2

Winnie, Felege, and Karen presented our invention today for the other InvenTeams, L-MIT associates, and winners of the Collegiate Student Prize. The three of them did a wonderful job! Throughout […]

EurekaFest: Day 1

After arriving in the late afternoon, the team settled in then regrouped with the other EurekaFest guests for a picnic dinner. The guests were then divided into mixed teams for […]