Mission Statement Project: Inspiration Boards

Majors 2 and 3 have finished up Phase 1 of the Mission Statement Project. This phase includes the market research, design research, and project research portion of the project. The timeframe of Phase 1 traces back from May of 2017 all the way to the beginning of this year; we has been through some tough obstacles and bumps in the road, but we could not be happier with the awesome outcome of our hard work for Phase 1. But our work is not done!

As a transitioning piece to help us piece together everything we know and have researched, the inspiration board is an extremely important part of the development of our final piece. Each of the members created their own inspiration board, beginning with thumbnail sketches to developing layouts. We had to make sure not to share our ideas in order to bring a unique and absolute individual aspect of our ideation for inspiration and concepts. We brought them to class, and everyone presented their boards, explaining the concept of their board and what made them choose certain aspects of the board. This presentation was helpful for the class to see different views of how people viewed the board, and a quality session in critiquing each other’s works. It was exciting to see the potential of where the project could go!

In the end, everyone had quite literally brought boards of all shapes and sizes (and colors!). Take a look at what Majors 2 and 3 have made 🙂


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