8th Grade Night 2018

It’s that time of year again! What time is it, you ask? Well, every year on the first Thursday of March, Newton North High School opens up its doors for 8th graders and their parents to come and see what the special programs and classes offered at the school are all about. Dubbed “8th Grade Night”, it is a tremendous occasion and opportunity for the programs to show off their goods and what they do. This is especially important for us as we want as many upcoming freshman as possible to sign up for our exploratory class!

To prep for this year, we decked out our entire room to highlight different aspects of the program. We had a 3D-printer presentation to showcase what we have done in the past and what we are doing now; we even gave out little 3D printed souvenirs. ­Each Major and Exploratory had their own section of the room to present what they have done and answer any questions that students and parents may have. These different sections of the room had movie poster work, sketchbooks, market research papers, inspiration boards, and a presentation for Seeds to STEM and Inventeam. To top it all off, we turned on the lights for the new Design sign at the entrance!

It was super exciting to meet the prospective future of the program! We cannot wait to have them come up and become greater designers, thinkers, and people.


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