Fall Field Trip To the Aquarium 2019

This month, Design Major students went on a field trip to study design and the customer experience at the New England Aquarium and Time Out Food Market in Boston.

We first went to the aquarium, where students were able to look at the aquarium in a different way than a typical visitor. Students paid special attention to the layout and accessibility of the different exhibits and displays, most notably the giant center tank and the touch tanks. Design students were amazed by how well the big tank allowed visitors to watch animals in a large habitat, with lots of other animals to interact with. This design is very influential and unique to the aquarium’s consumer impact as a whole.

Then, we went to Time Out Food Market, where students studied the architecture of the building, and the design of restaurant logos. The architecture of the room created a very open, inviting environment. This market was set up in one big open space. The restaurants were in booths along the perimeter, with long tables stretching across the whole room. This created a feeling of county and invited strangers to sit together and make conversation. This architecture aloud us to eat tasty foods from different cultures that reflect the different cultures in our tiger patterns!


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