Liam and Liran Visit

NNHS Design alumni Liran Fedderman and Liam MacIntyre paid us a visit during B block. Both at Syracuse, Liam and Liran study Communications Design. They talked to us about what studying design in college entailles.

As they both put it, studying Communications Design at Syracuse is essentially a continuation of Ms. Brooks’s program; while much more in-depth, students still work extensively with illustrator and photoshop and learn similar concepts of branding, typography, and color theory. We learned that students in their program work on projects that range from museum exhibit design, flyers and posters, logos, brand identities.

Liran, now a junior, showed us a few of the projects he has been working on. From an in-depth museum exhibit and branding project about why birds are actually government drones to advertisements for manacure service for babies, he has been honing his skills with semi-absurd design prompts.

Overall, Liran and Liam’s design experience at Syracuse seems exciting. They are able to use skills born in Ms Brooks’s classroom, only now for real-world applications and in pursuit of a career.

– JP

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