Majors 2 and 3 Update

This school year, Majors 2 and 3 are taking on a large project that was brought to us by Principal Turner last year. To briefly summarize, our end goal is to ultimately create a work of public art using the Newton North’s Mission Statement at the core of its research, design, and development.

Majors 2 and 3 worked their tails off in the design research portion of the project. After a week spent taking notes on the films Objectified and Helvetica, we were split into groups of three to braindump, a brainstorming process that allows the combining of ideas and a deep level of thinking. After we consolidated our notes and ideas that we learned, we prioritized the importance of these notes and then converted them into open-ended and then close-ended questions. We combined these questions with the other groups to create a final list of consolidated questions, and then split off into different groups to come up with several pros and cons of each question and their respective ideas.

This rigorous process helped teach us the thoroughness and importance of market and design research, and shaped us to be creative thinkers. We can see this through our notes and comments as they progressively become more specific and thoughtful. This process is specifically geared to the study of public art, and has prepped the team on the importance of what we are doing for the school!

(As seen below, the tediousness of the work has gotten to a couple of the student’s heads!)


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