2017-18: Back at it Again!

Majors 2 and 3 are tackling the same project, and will be spending the majority of the school year on it. To kickstart preparation for the project, we watched and took notes on the films Objectified and Helvetica. Through the films, we studied design concepts and philosophies, paying special attention to ideas regarding public art and displaying words. To help create a strong foundation for teamwork, we have done some “housekeeping” (organizing and cleaning) for the classroom and some team-building activities. More specific details about our project coming soon!


Major 1 has been doing their own unit. Going through design principles, they have learned the basics of color psychology and are finishing up projects in typography. This year, they have a whopping 26 students, the largest the class has ever been! This is exciting news as we get to see the Design and Visual Communications program grow at North.






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