Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Seven

Tuesday, April 7th, was the seventh week of the Orchard Gardens apprenticeship.

Journal Entry and Response
Estoy content que participas en las actividades, aunque no comprendes totalmente que estás hacienda. (Vas a ver pronto). Pero, me gusta mucho que podemos hablar en español. Aprendo español más en mi clase contigo que en mi clasa en mi escuela. Eres un buen estdiante y me gusta que tenerte en mi grupo.
I am happy that you participate in the activities we do, although you don’t completely understand what you’re doing. (You’ll see soon, don’t worry). But, I like it a lot that we can talk in Spanish. I learn more Spanish in my class with you than in the class at my own school! You are a great student and I like that I have you in my group.

The next week Edison wrote back:

La clase estuvo muy bien hoy porque Liran nos regaló un mensaje para nosotros y me gusto mucho porque nos dió un mensaje muy bueno diciendo que lo ayudabamos a aprender español un poco mas que en su clase de lenguaje.
Esos son mis nombres
Jason, Edison, Gabriel, and Guzman
The class today was really good because Liran gave us a message and I like that because he gave us a really nice message saying that we were helping him to learn Spanish a little more than in his language class.
These are my names 
Jason, Edison, Gabriel, and Guzman

Journal comments from Orchard Gardens Students:
Today was really fun. I was in a good mood and that thingy worked. Yeahhh.

Today I had fun. I got to work on my shell and am almost done with it. Yasemin and I did a handshake and the whole group know it. And Alex did a good job helping us. I give them both an A++. 🙂

I really liked this week. I had so much fun with the other groups and putting our inventions together.

I like that I got to take pictures and that I was doing 3D models to print.

I liked coloring with Ms. Marisa today. We drew a butterfly.

Thanks Yasemin, you’re the best teen friend I ever had. Thanks for your support. (NICE handwriting BTW). And today was fun working with you like always.

Reflections from NNHS students:
We are coming to the end of the building process. It was very rewarding for the students to see their work pay off when we tested the structure and it worked. I also feel like I have gotten a lot from this whole process. Last year I had no idea what a Pedestrian Alert System was, but now I have taught the kids at Orchard Gardens about it. This is probably the first time in my life that I have been able to bring the learning process full circle: from learning to teaching to watching the students teach others. I am so excited for the WOW event when the students will get to show off everything that they have learned.
– I.J.S.

This week, one of the students wanted to work in more of a secluded area. I joined her and we worked one on one. It felt like it helped create a closer bond because we both worked on it equally; I wasn’t doing all of the work. I drew a butterfly and flowers upon request and she colored the drawing. I could tell that it made her super happy because towards the end of the day, she didn’t want to stop working on it.
– M.N.

This week we were troubleshooting and even though it is not the most entertaining part of the process, the kids were still cooperative and interested. We came up with a table handshake and had a good laugh. Not only are we focused on our project, but also bonding and getting to know one another. Unfortunately, we couldn’t completely fix our system, but it is a work in progress and we still had a good time.

It’s been seven weeks now and it’s still so fun to get to know all of our students! They really enjoy getting to know us as much as we enjoy getting to know them. When we work on troubleshooting the system or designing the shell, we still have plenty of time to talk to each other. It’s humbling to know that there are so many interesting things to talk about with them during the short amount of time we have together. It has been an amazing experience to see a lot of them consider us their friends now, rather than just another teacher.

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