Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Six

On Tuesday March 30th, the team took their sixth trip to Orchard Gardens School.

Journal comments from Orchard Gardens students:
Liran, gracias usted es un buen maestro para my porque me esta enseñando mucho y fue un plaser trabajar con usted y es un maestro simpático porque me enseña como hacer un trabajo.
Liran, thank you, you are a good teacher for me because you teach me a lot. It was a pleasure to work with you and you are a nice teacher because you teach me how to do the work.

I am looking for us to finish the project and use it and working with everyone (Bradley and Mariel). It is really fun working with you guys!

What I’m looking forward to is finishing this step!

I am looking forward to finishing this project. Mariel, thank you for writing those comments on the other page. I hope I have a really fun time. Bradley, you should try to not write Spanish1 Overall, you’re a very fun teacher.

La clase de hoy, me gustó porque estuvo divertido y terminamos el proyecto que estábamos haciendo.
I liked today’s class because I had fun and we finished the project we’ve been doing.

Comments from NNHS students:
This week was really fun. We finished up the crossing sensor and the car sensor.  While waiting for the laptops so that we could code the Arduinos, one of the students was soldering for fun. They made small items like rings and gave it to one of the team leaders. We had a lot of fun after we finished the sensors; the students could take the time to relax after all the rigorous work on the project. Half of my group went over to the design table to design their shells for the system while two stayed at the table and built. Though our group was a bit separated this week, I think that we progressed well.

This past week was the best one so far. It takes a while to get familiar with the students, but when they recognize you and get excited at the beginning of class about what they’re going to do that day, it makes the experience so much better and much more incredible.

This week was really great! The kids started to make their ideas come to life in the form of 3-D models. They had some really cool ideas. They took the design process very seriously to make sure that their models met their expectations. I wanted to give a little shout out to Rokelvin; I worked individually with him for the majority of the time and got to know him a little better. He was very hard working and was determined to finish his model, which he was very proud of in the end. It was a really fun time!

Regardless of the technical difficulties we were facing, the kids went with the flow. They were really interested by the coding aspect of the project, especially with the use of the laptops.  After we finished, most of them either went to the design table or sketched in their journals. I also had the pleasure of teaching one of the students a few words in Estonian.

The students have been creating 3-D models of their designs with paper as well as on the 123D Design app on the iPad. Teaching the students the iPad app has allowed us to bond and spend more time with them.
-B.C. and E.Z.

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