New Groups

Yesterday, we moved onto phase 3 of our project. The team broke up into smaller groups, each assigned a specific section of the website to focus on. The groups will be working on the introduction, the menu, the cave section, and the shipwreck section. Each group is composed of 3-6 students from both major 2 and major 3 with team leaders from major 3.

Before splitting up into groups, the team leaders made packets incorporating all the research and ideas they had come up with so far for their section. The packets also include information on the project as a whole, which the major 2 students can use as a reference.

When the class broke up into groups, the team leaders of each group presented their respective packet to their major 2 group members. The major 2 students reviewed the packet to get caught up.

Afterwards, all the groups had a question and answer session and began brainstorming. After typing up the notes, each group met with Ms. Brooks and began sketching.

Most of the students think very visually, so creating thumbnail sketches aided us in forming our ideas and explaining them to the group. Each member has a different approach and different thoughts about the same ideas. Some people visualized their section holistically and drew out entire scenes and sequences.  Others focused on particular objects, like a castle or a ship, in their sketches.

Through sketching, the groups were able to further develop each possibility for their section’s design.

-AG & PM

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