Inspiration Boards

After watching Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid and visiting the salvage yard and aquarium, each student created a board representing what had inspired them. Each student had a week to creatively display their inspiration through a 20 by 30 inch collage that incorporated images, words, textures, and fonts they believed described the underwater experience.

Once we finished, everyone presented their inspiration boards to the rest of the class. During the presentations, we were visited by one of the doctoral candidates of the Deeper Learning initiative from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Nicole.  It was amazing to see how many different uses each student came up with for the same materials.  Every inspiration board was so unique!

We then set up the boards like an art gallery. Looking at each individual piece, we were able to find deeper meaning in the work and continue to discover new inspiration. Together we discussed the elements of each board that we could potentially incorporate into our website designs, such as certain colors and styles.

It was very exciting to discover the details of each board that we hadn’t noticed before.


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