Meeting with Congressman Joseph Kennedy

On April 1st, we were invited to an event at PTC Corporate hosted by John Stuart and Robin Saitz of PTC Corporate. We presented our invention to Congressman Kennedy and several administrators, executives, and educators.

The team also received a letter from Congressman Joseph Kennedy III congratulating us on our invention and winning the Lemelson-MIT grant.

In particular, Congressman Kennedy said,

I enjoyed learning about your plan to invent an alert system to help pedestrians in developing nations safely cross dangerous roadways. The global view you have taken with your project is ambitious and inspiring. That your design is renewable in nature- reusing auto parts and being fully solar powered- makes it all the more exciting.

All in all, it was a wonderful and extremely educational experience.


Photos courtesy of Albert Ayzenberg

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  1. robin saitz says:

    It was truly our pleasure to host this fantastic event that shined a spotlight on the great work of the NNHS Inventeam, the Newton Innovation Lab, the Newton Ligerbots FRC team, and the Needham FTC teams. All of these programs highlight the positive outcome from public-provate parternships and the incredible students who are today, in some cases, addressing the many challenges being faced by their communities and those around the world with technology-solutions. I look forward to hearing more about the accomplishments of these young women and men.

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