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Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Three

On March tenth, the team took their third trip to Orchard Gardens School. Journal comments from Orchard Gardens students: “I enjoyed it because it was fun, and it was a […]

Seeds to STEM: First Half of the Year

At the beginning of the year, team members from last year– Bradley, Alex, Liran, Max and Isabella– met to ensure that everything was ready for the arrival of the new […]

Mentor visit to Saint Joseph School

One of our local Ethiopian mentors recently visited our teammates over at Saint Joseph School in Addis Ababa. We sent with him the required components (including Arduinos) that our sister school […]

Joe Schlesinger

April Meetings

Meeting with Congressman Joseph Kennedy

On April 1st, we were invited to an event at PTC Corporate hosted by John Stuart and Robin Saitz of PTC Corporate. We presented our invention to Congressman Kennedy and […]

Engineering Meeting: BigBelly Solar

Engineering Meeting: David Skocypec

Last Wednesday, the team met after school with the lead electrical engineer from BigBelly Solar, David Skocypec. BigBelly Solar is a local company that works primarily in the creation of […]

Engineering Meeting: Divide and Conquer

Engineering Meeting: Antonio Rufo and Marianne Walpert

On January 8th, we had an engineering meeting with Antonio. He helped us work with some small parts, such as speakers, taught us how to code on Arduino, and how […]