Teaming Up!

In December of 2019 Mrs. Brooks had design students brainstorm questions about the Main Street Project. We inquired about everything, the tigers, the tree, and even the display case. We then took these questions, and executed the full brain-dump process: converting, organizing, and summarizing our work. 

After that step we took our streamlined questions and began looking for answers to them. We researched answers in a variety of ways: looking through past classes work saved online, leafing through the lengthy design binders which document all Main Street Project work, and finally asking Mrs. Brooks herself. After answering our questions, teams presented their answers to the class – sharing what they had learned. 

This process may have seemed lengthy and repetitive at the time, however it had many benefits. Besides improving researching and brainstorming skills, this process taught us everything we needed to know about the Main Street Project. Giving us a greater understanding of the majority of our work that still needs to be done this year. 

More recently, we each answered a reflection on our project questions and answers, describing which aspects of the project we like and which we would like to work on. Mrs. Brooks then took these reflections and started to think about how to organize the class into respective areas of work. Mrs. Brooks then had a one-on-one meeting with each student, where we further conversed about which team we would like to be on and why. 

Mrs. Brooks took this information and finalized the teams for working on the Main Street Project. They consist of: marketing and fundraising, sanding, tiger 2D shapes, the tree and photos, branding, the stage, the touch screen and the video, and finally the display case.

– OO

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