Team Training

In spite of a few hiccups with dysfunctional Arduinos, Ashley, Bradley, Alex, and Liran finally finished putting together the full system! Even though they ran into a few issues, the group was able to troubleshoot together with the help of Kayla.

This week, after disassembling the system, they are ready to train two new members. Liran and Bradley are working with Isabella, and Ashley and Alex are working with Carlos. They are walking the new members through the instructions and having them complete building the system.

Kayla and Karen have been working on getting the system to run on the car batteries we purchased last year. They are also working on preventing the components from overheating after running for a long time.

Tara and Sabrina are working on creating a model street out of foam core. This will go along with the scaled down 3D printed models NVBots created for us. The mini system as a whole will serve as our display at the Cambridge Science Fair on April 19th.


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