Bradley Trepanier

Bradley Visit

Bradley Trepanier, 2016

The other day, NNHS Design alum Bradley Trepanier, who is now in his senior year at MassArt, paid us a visit. Bradley, who is an industrial design major, gave a presentation on the ins and outs of a few of his projects. From a toy for elderly elephants to a flashlight for mechanics, he showed us the user-centered and methodical approach to problem solving that is used in industrial design.

Bradley informed us that Boston is an ideal city to be an industrial designer in as the jobs are plentiful. This summer, he worked at Radius Innovation & Development as an intern. He was able to sketch, use CAD programs, and work with other designers and engineers extensively.

Overall, Bradley reflected positively on his experience both at MassArt and as an industrial designer in general. He told us that it is a very rewarding field that allows you to have fun while simultaneously making meaningful change. We are excited to see where Bradley ends up following graduation this year.


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