Exhibiting the project

Now that EurekaFest is over, the team has set up the Pedestrian Alert System structures on display in our Design Lab. The structures are facing each other as they would in a real street setting, yet they also serve as an art display, which has provoked much curiosity.

A photography teacher from our school recently inquired about the project and asked us how the structures came to be. He complimented us on our work and even said that the structures look like they came straight from the Art Nouveau movement!

Along with the physical system, we have also hung up the team poster provided to us by Lemelson-MIT for the EurekaFest and the billboard concept created by Katie. We additionally plan on displaying Paroma’s children’s book.

Our next goal is to create a functioning 2D layout of all the technical pieces, including the Arduino processing boards and batteries. Once this is complete, we will transfer the layout into the 3D metal structures so the functioning system can be demonstrated to visitors!


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