New Year, New Teams

Teamwork is an incredibly important aspect in group projects. Majors 2 and 3 read an article called “How to be a Team Player.” In doing so, the class learned how […]

Our Cultural Patterns

We wanted our mural to be a unifying piece of art, so we decided to incorporate many different cultural patterns into it. We looked at patterns from every country in […]


We left for the summer knowing that we had a solid working layout of the project to start the new production process. This gave us a great start to pick […]

Dear Class of 2018

Dear Class of 2018, What an amazing year we had with you guys! You were a fun bunch. The leadership and energy that you all brought to the class was […]

Congratulations Seniors! We Will Miss You!

To celebrate the seniors graduating and passing on the Main Street Project, we all headed to Cabot’s for some ice cream. The seniors received personal letters with messages from everyone […]

Presentation to the Department Heads

On Wed. May 23, 2018, we gave a presentation to the department heads on the Main Street Project. We had given one to the Advisory Committee the night before, so […]

Graffiti Alley and More

This year, the Design and Visual Communications students went on a field trip to Graffiti Alley and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. We went to these places due […]

Spring Advisory Committee Meeting

  Majors 2 & 3 presented the Main Street project to the Design and Visual Communications Advisory Committee – a group of professional designers and engineers. We split into groups […]

Our Virtual Reality Experience

Majors 2 and 3’s project has been a cluster of new ideas and inspiration. One of these ideas was to include a 3D aspect. To help us, Mrs. Brooks called […]

Our Presentation to Principal Turner

To get ready for the presentation with our principal, Mr. Turner, we worked all throughout March and until April Break. First, we split up into three groups and started to […]