Global Showcase

This October, Design students had the opportunity to present more than two years of progress on the Main Street Project at a statewide conference at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.

To prepare for this showcase, students put together a video, which compiled images of the process from previous years.  The display included important elements of the project, such as research, the tigers, and the colored layout.

The Main Street Project booth was very successful.  Having a visually appealing table attracted lots of people who became interested in learning more about the project. One of the most common remarks was that “it was one of the most interesting showcases of the day.”

The MassCUE Global Showcase gave the students a great opportunity to display their knowledge of the project while also learning the important communication skills that go along with presenting. 

One of the most impressive showcases for us was an interactive piece of technology called The Portal presented by Andover High School. The Portal has a video exchange that connects people internationally through their inflatable spaces. The one at the conference was connected with people in Afghanistan! One of our students used the opportunity to present the Main Street Project to the Afghans.

– VB

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