Team Progress

The Main Street Project is currently moving along steadily.

Right now, Major 1s are working diligently to finish the Adobe Illustrator renditions of the cultural patterns.

As for Major 2 & 3s, we are starting to research the technicalities of the project and are making progress towards the prototyping phase.

We’re “dividing and conquering” the different aspects of the project by splitting into different groups, so we have the technology group, the backdrop group, the leaves group, the words group, the tree group, the tigers group, and the fundraising group.

Using the advice from the Advisory Committee meeting in October, each student came up with some questions to research for the project to make sure we cover everything before we start constructing it.

On a side note, B Block has been gifted an espresso machine and 72 espresso pods to help up be more productive and awake on Tuesday mornings!


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