Spring Advisory Committee Meeting


Majors 2 & 3 presented the Main Street project to the Design and Visual Communications Advisory Committee – a group of professional designers and engineers.

We split into groups of 2 or 3 to prepare for 7 sections of the presentation: market research, background words, sketching and ideation, Mr. Turner’s feedback and final concepts, the tigers, cultural patterns, and the tree.

According to Stu Schechter, 3D printed filament is not a long-lasting material: the plastic starts to crack and splinter after 5 years. This becomes a heavy consideration in our project as it would be a challenge to maintain the massive 3D printed tree and tigers for a long period of time. Harry Minsky suggested that we build the tree with laser-cut plywood and layer it up to create a sturdy infrastructure.

We received tons of valuable feedbacks from them, most of which focused on the materials and the interactive aspect of the project.


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