Our Presentation to Principal Turner

To get ready for the presentation with our principal, Mr. Turner, we worked all throughout March and until April Break. First, we split up into three groups and started to brainstorm and sketch our ideas for the project. We all had very different and creative ideas, and it was amazing to see them all come together to form three unique concepts.

One group’s idea was to use cultural patterns on a family of tigers behind a tree to show growth and diversity. Another group had the idea to symbolize how our community carries the values stated in the mission statement and overcome all challenges by using the imagery of ocean waves. The third group had the idea of using the wind because it shows how students are able to follow their hearts, given the immense number of opportunities. All of the lines of the swirls are rounded and smooth to represent the ease with which students can make the most of their education.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Turner ended up choosing the idea of tigers but also wanted the elegance and gracefulness that was seen in the concepts of the other two groups. Using his feedback, we began to enhance the final concept using his feedback.


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