Newbury Street Field Trip

Our team of major 2 and 3 students got the chance to go to Newbury Street for a field trip! This was based upon our study of the Newbury Street companies’ branding and logo identity.

To kick off the big day, we had quick coffee runs at Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. From Starbucks, which was one end of the street, we planned to go down and hit each store we had a branding presentation on (see Blog Post here: To name a few of the stores we looked at were Patagonia, Nike, Converse, Newbury St. Comics, and many more. At each store, we were able to take a firsthand look at the company’s branding identity.

After immersing ourselves with a firsthand look in all these companies’ branding and identity, we shared our thoughts and ideas on them at Bon Chon Chicken restaurant, where it developed into a sort of social/design conference, but with some crispy Korean fried chicken.

Overall, the field trip was extremely fun while learning about our brands up close and personal!


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