Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Eight

Tuesday, April 14th, was the eighth week of the Orchard Gardens apprenticeship.

Journal comments from Orchard Gardens Students:
Today I was actually drawing the whole time. I had a lot of fun with Mariel and Jared. They are really nice and they helped me a lot.

Mr. Bradley is a good teacher. I like to draw the 3D picture drawing. The day was really fun. I want to draw and animate.

Today was great day. I get to do my 3D printing of my model. It was hard making the heart with the current state. I hope it will good next week.

Today was fun I got to finish my cover and got to take pictures. Alex and Yasemin and Bonnie were good teachers.

Estuvo lindo porque  [miramos los objetos impresores] y  terminamos el trabajo que estuvimos haciendo estas semanas atrás.
It was a beautiful day because of the little 3D printed things [we saw] and all the work we’ve [completed] and worked on the past weeks.

Reflections from NNHS students:
After a few weeks of sketching and creating models with the students, we have finally been able to print and bring in miniature 3D models this week that NV Bots kindly printed!  I was so excited to show the students that I could hardly contain my urge to bring the models out of the box right when they arrived. The students were just as excited to see the models and many couldn’t wait for their models to be made as well. It would be so amazing when all of us will be able to see everyone’s 3D models presented at the WOW! Showcase.

This week, we helped the students finish their structures as well as create them on the 123D app. I worked with a few students to help them create their structures and we managed to get a few of them done. It sometimes got difficult to work with the app but in the end, we worked with it and got some of their structures done. I think the students really enjoyed making their structures and using the app even though the app was a little hard to use at first.

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  1. Paroma says:

    The 3-D printed structures are awesome! You guys are doing such an amazing job and I’m so proud of you all! :’D

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