Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Five

On Tuesday March  24th, the team took their fifth trip to Orchard Gardens School.

Journal comments from Orchard Gardens students:
“What I enjoyed about this apprenticeship was drawing a design of the system and what it will look like if you build it and what I did that calmed me down was drawing my own that I wanted and nothing was really boring I liked the apprenticeship a lot.”

“Today I finished making my pedestrian sign. I enjoyed how they made me laugh. Although, I didn’t enjoy getting hit in the head with my own pedestrian sign”

“Today was like the best apprenticeship day ever even though Alex wasn’t here it still was the best sorry Alex. Yasmine and Marisa are like Pro. They help us understand and they are the best!”

“Today I was a little tired but Marisa and Yasmin were good teachers and got us ahead of everyone else and they were new to the group! They get an A+++.”

Comments from NNHS students:
We are starting to really fall into a routine, and I’m getting to know the students’ personalities really well. We have started joking around with each other and just having a lot of fun. Some of our (fascinating) conversations got a little far away from the pedestrian system, but we were always able to bring it back. I am constantly amazed by how well these students can focus and their enthusiasm about the project is definitely contagious.

This week, the students worked on both building their structures as well as designing them. I worked more with one student who was building their structure and helped her turn her ideas into a physical model. I enjoyed helping her build her structure, and I think she really enjoyed building her model even when some of the pieces did not fit as well as she had hoped. Overall, it was nice to be able to work with the students one on one and help them build their own structures.

The kids are attentive and engaging. They are respectful when we are giving them instructions. The students remind each other about what to do. Cutting, stripping and soldering the wires together is what they seem to enjoy the most.  I find it interesting how many questions they ask about our life and us. They are connecting with us and our lives are starting to mesh together.

Despite the fact that it was my first time participating in the apprenticeship, the kids welcomed me with open arms. They were not only interested in what we were doing, but also fun to be with. We were very productive and built the car sensor from start to finish. I was happy they had a good time soldering and I think this event was a wonderful learning experience for the kids and me.

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