Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Four

The team took their fourth trip to Orchard Gardens on March 17.

Journal comments from Orchard Gardens students:
“Today was a designing day. Plus we didn’t do much because almost everyone forgot the wire but its okay. Today was fun thanks again to Bonnie and Emily helping me come up with an amazing idea. Alex don’t worry if you are reading this, I’ll give you a shout out too!”

“What I enjoyed about this apprenticeship was drawing a design of the sensor and what it will look like if you build it and when I did that it calmed me down. I was drawing my own thing that I wanted and nothing was really boring I liked the apprenticeship a lot.”

“I loved what we did with the cardboards. I got to talk to Bradley.”

“I enjoyed taking pictures of my classmates so that it can go on the apprenticeship web page. I really enjoyed how we got to design our own walk signs. Even though it was very difficult to cut the pieces off I had fun putting them together. But I enjoyed talking to Bonnie, she helped me a lot with my 3D model. She kept making sure that if I needed help to ask her. She is just a fun person to work with. “

“Today was fun. I love the fact that we were cutting and drawing and Bonnie was so nice and good helping me because I was confused and she helped me out.”

Comments from NNHS students:
The 4th day was a bit hectic, but not in a bad way. We accidentally forgot to bring the wires, which meant that we couldn’t continue building the machine, putting the curriculum at a halt. Thankfully, we are adaptable, and we switched the entire class plan to designing shells for the device. It was all fun, but the design table got loaded with people. I didn’t have a whole lot to do, but I managed. It was a much more laid back class, and most certainly was having a good time.

Although we had forgotten to bring our wires this week, I still felt the students were well engaged and productive. It was surprisingly good to see their disappointed faces when we told them the news – this showed how much they really enjoy the curriculum. At one point, the majority of the students were creating their cardboard shells at the design table, but one student and I stayed back at our own table to sketch. She seemed more relaxed there, and it was nice to share this moment with her peacefully.

This week I was able to really bond and enjoy time with all the students. It became a little hectic when a lot of students came to the design table and we had to add two more tables to the design area; but, it was such an amazing day that the time just flew by as we bonded and built the structures together. Even though I was running around the tables helping everyone out, I was just having so much fun with the students. Our relationships were also able to really grow a lot more.

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