Apprenticeship at Orchard Gardens: Week Three

On March tenth, the team took their third trip to Orchard Gardens School.

Journal comments from Orchard Gardens students:
“I enjoyed it because it was fun, and it was a thinking activity”
– Isabella

“I hope next week is going to be twice as fun. I was right. It was twice as fun!!!”
– Betty

“Today I had a headache but overall it came away thanks to Alex and Ms. B, Bonnie, and Emily for making sure we all had fun!”
– Denisse

“I liked drawing, connecting the wires, and talking to my instructor.”
– Edison

Comments from NNHS students:
“This week was fun. We were finishing the crossing system and got all of our students to participate in building the system, rather than one person. It was interesting to see that all of them really liked to solder. They constantly wanted to be the ones to use the soldering machine. It felt really nice teaching them and making sure they were safe and had fun.”
– V.Y.

“Unlike last time, I had a better understanding of what the students were going to do. Their job was to create a sketchbook cover for their sketchbooks and most of the students had fun doing it. Towards the end, most of the students went back to their tables, so I had more time to spend individually with a few of the students. I think that gave me the opportunity to really connect with them more and get to know them better than I did the first week. Overall, it was fun watching them be creative and expressing themselves on their sketchbooks.”
– E.Z.

“It’s really awesome when you feel like you’ve passed that point of being just a little more than a teacher who comes in once a week. You can talk to them as if they were a new a cool friend. It’s a new and amazing type of bond.”
– L.F.

“Last week, I walked into the classroom uncertain of what I would be faced with. Being able to help students think of ideas for their sketchbook covers was very interesting and enjoyable. Having the opportunity to interact and connect with them more this week left me with a very memorable experience.”
– B.C

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