Past Projects: West Newton Cinema

In 2010, the Design team was given the chance to work with Continuum, an international design firm, to design a new brand identity for the West Newton Cinema (WNC). Over the course of one semester, they designed a new logo and the connecting collateral touch points.

The team pursued this project with a holistic approach while focusing on the end user and client. Collaborating with Continuum senior designers Bryant Ross and Pete Strutt, the students researched extensively about the cinema itself and its competition, constructing a customer journey map that highlighted the essential experiences necessary in an ideal cinema. As a culmination of the research, the team created inspiration boards composed of paint swatches, images, items, and other materials.

Inspired by WNC’s vintage atmosphere, the students set out to leverage the rich history of the establishment and reinvent it with a modern twist, connecting it with a whole new generation of film lovers. The students individually designed several logos and, after numerous stages and modifications, finalized a logo that was inspired by WNC’s signature chandelier.

The team then created a color palette that drew upon vintage hues with bright modern highlights. Using this color palette, the students designed business cards, letterheads, envelopes, gift certificates, uniforms, and popcorn containers. The designers chose to use the Futura font family with its classic look and contemporary influences. They also proposed an interior design plan that suggested the type and color of fabric, wood, and wallpaper that could be used to revitalize the cinema.

The designers presented their proposal in a client meeting with David Bramante, the owner of WNC, where they were able to discuss and share their ideas. Bramante was very much inspired by the proposed concepts and plans to incorporate some of them in the future.

This was a wonderful experience where students had the opportunity to work with professionals from an acclaimed design firm on a live project, applying their skills in a real word situation. It was also incredibly fun and rewarding!

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