Making History

Last week, we continued to work with the new team on replicating the technical component of the invention.  After much work, we finally finished and moved onto programming the Arduinos and XBees.

Though we encountered a few hiccups, we successfully uploaded the codes onto the Arduino boards and XBee, again taking turns to do each step. Now that we have two parts of the board already made, Alex and Bradley are working with our newest members Ashley and Liron to create the last two parts, which are duplicates of those we already made. Now we’ll get to see if they really do know their stuff!

We have also begun creating a simulated street for our scaled-down models. Sabrina, Tara, and Paroma are working on outlining the street and creating a first model out of paper. Through this model street, we will be able to clearly convey what our invention does and how it does it.

We are all very excited, because this Friday Ms. Brooks will be picking up our 3D printed model from NVBots.  We cannot wait to see them!

When working hard last week, Alex received a call from his brother who was waiting to pick him up. When his brother asked what we were doing, Alex replied, “We’re making history!”


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