New Team, New Goals

This year, our team has three major goals for the Pedestrian Alert System. We want to continue to fundraise money to sent to Saint Joseph School, create a scaled model of the invention with the new generation of team members, and collaborate with Citizen Schools, a program that expands the learning day in low-income public schools. We have been meeting twice a week after school with Ms. Brooks these past weeks and are very excited to begin our efforts on these three goals.

We are currently recruiting new members of our team to aid in producing the scaled model. Karen, Lauren, and Paroma will lead this new team and mentor the students towards becoming the new leaders once they graduate. The team’s plan is to replicate the technical components of the invention to place within the new scaled down model. In recreating the technical components, the team leads will give the new members a clear understanding of the invention and its functions in addition to technical skills such as how to solder, wire, and code. We have also contacted New Valence Robotics, which has agreed to donate their services towards printing a scaled 3D model for us. A few students from the drafting department have spent the last few weeks finalizing the scaled down drawings so that we can send them to New Valence Robotics for printing.

As last year was such an incredibly inspiring experience, we want to share our journey with not only Ethiopian students, but also students within Massachusetts. We plan on reaching out to inner-city students and engaging them with hands-on learning, exposing them to the engineering and design concepts we were able to learn last year. We are collaborating with Citizen Schools, which has agreed to let our team teach a curriculum based on the inventing experience we had last year. We plan to teach a pre-written curriculum this spring to familiarize ourselves with the Citizens Schools and students.

To accomplish all these goals and to continue to work with our Ethiopian team, we have applied for grants and are constantly fundraising. Please don’t hesitate to click on the donate button!


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