Colors and Type

Our team has moved forward from sketching to picking colors and typography for the website.  Each small team split into two groups: one working on color and the other on typography.

Pairs working on color considered both the unfinished and the inspiration boards while choosing color schemes for each section from paint chips. First, we determined large aspects of the website were in need of a color such as blue for the water, greens for seaweed, and beige for the sand. Then, we proceeded to pick chips for the base colors, not worrying about gradient solely focusing on how they worked together. After deciding on the base colors, we branched out to finding accent colors that complemented the bases.

On the other side of the room, pairs working on typography tested numerous fonts to find the right type for the header, sub-header and text of each page. Groups working on type explored the many possibilities of type to put in our proposals. They tested type on the computers and sifted through numerous fonts, comparing each one to another to find the best.

By looking through the paint chips and many fonts we were able to gain a better sense of the overall design for each section and connecting the website.


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