It Was Fresh and It Was Legal

Last week, the team received the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Legal Sea Foods’ headquarters near Boston Harbor. We toured the building with Dr. David Ticchi, a Newton North faculty member and Special Assistant to the President at Legal Sea Foods, and Ms. Marney Whittaker, a Legal Sea Foods Director of Risk and Safety. We visited the company’s Quality Control Center and learned about the process through which Legal Sea Foods brings quality seafood from the pier to the plates in the fastest and safest way possible. All of the workers we got to meet along the way were extremely friendly!

We also learned that Legal Sea Foods goes above and beyond industry standards when it comes to testing their seafood for mercury, bacteria, and other possible contaminants. Additionally, they purchase only the freshest fish possible from New England waters, the “top of the catch.”

After the tour, we watched an episode about Legal Sea Foods produced by the television show Nerve Center. The episode is set to air sometime in the future. We then had lunch at the headquarters’ cafeteria, enjoying Legal Sea Foods’ delicious dishes while taking in the beautiful view of the harbor.

We were all greatly inspired by what we saw. We are definitely planning to implement what we learned into our design of the kids’ website!


Here are a few quotes from our team members about the trip:

“Seeing how every inch of everything served is inspected really shows how dedicated Legal Sea Foods is to providing the best quality food for its customers. It seems like the whole system there is functioning like a well-oiled machine.” –A.G.

“It has truly been an eye opener…from this trip, I could really sense the care and meticulousness everyone has, from the decks of the fishing boat to the hectic kitchens of the Legal Harborside.” –K.F.

“I always viewed Legal Sea Foods as a nice place but now I see it as a truly fresh place where the best food is served…learning about some of the values that the restaurant has given me a better understanding as of what to include in our design project for the children’s website.” –M.A.

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